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Fall - Winter Semester, September 5th - December 21st 2017

Day and Time
Class Name ~ Ages

4:30 - 5:30

Interpretive Worship Dance (13 - Adult) Tentative

Joanne Brillant

LIFEhouse of Worship


4:15 -5:15

5:15 6:15

6:15 - 7:15

7:15 - 8:15


Wee Worship / Beginning Worship I (ages 4 - 6)

Beginning Worship II (ages 6 - 8)

Intermediate Worship I (ages 8 - 10)

Intermediate Worship II (9 and up)

Jami Crisman

Jami Crisman

Jami Crisman

Jami Crisman

LIFEhouse of Worship


Wednesday - There are No Wednesday Classes due to Church Services

4:30 - 5:30

6:00 - 7:30

7:30 8:30

Intermediate Worship I (ages 8 - 12)

Advanced Worship Dance / Outreach Team

Adult Interpretive Worship Dance (13 and up)

Joanne Brillant

Joanne Brillant

Joanne Brillant

LIFEhouse of Worship


Joanne Brillant - Director

Jami Crisman


*Please contact the Director, Joanne Brillant for the classes you are interested in learning more about or registering for. *Upon registration by e mail or phone, you will then be put on the class list and given the mailing address to send your registration form and fee to. Your place in class will be tentative until we receive your registration form and fee.

Contact Joanne Brillant at: masterssfca@gmail.com or Phone# 864-228-8486

REGISTRATION FEE: * A Registration fee of $10 is due with the registration form which should be filled out and mailed to Joanne Brillant before the first day of your class in order to reserve your place in the class.

Tuition: First Semester fee is $175 for 4 months from Sept. - Dec. this includes the $10 registration fee. (Does not apply to Advanced Class and Outreach Team). *See seperate fee for this class below.

Second Semester from Jan. - April fee is $165, for returning fall semester students. New second semester students: will have the $10 registration fee added for a total of $175 for the Winter - Spring Semester.

* You will also have the option to pay: $42 a month which is due on the first class day of each month. *Multi Class and Sibling discounts are $39 per child, per class. For those paying monthly, there will be a $10 late fee after the second week of class, no exceptions.

*Dance Ministry Outreach Team will be combined with the Advance Class. The fee for both the Advanced Class and The Outreach Team will be $60 per month. To be on the team you must be in the Advanced class.

*If taking just the Advanced class and not participating in the team, the fee will be the regular $42 per month.